Elder Law and Medicaid Planning


Medicaid Planning and Qualification

Attorney Leslie K. Smith, has been helping seniors qualify for Medicaid since 1999.  Attorney Smith can help towards qualifying a loved one for Medicaid so that Medicaid can pay for  long-term care, if that loved one needs to go to live in an assisted living facility, memory-care facility, or a nursing home in the future.   Medicaid is the program where the government pays for an individual’s long-term care and is to be distinguished from Medicare, which is a completely different program providing medical benefits for seniors. She can help with the following:

Elder law planning- i.e. planning ahead so as to be able to qualify for Medicaid in the future.

Post-Medicaid Qualification-Estate Recovery issues.

Free Initial Consultation

 Attorney Leslie Smith conducts medicaid and elder law in Eagle, Idaho and the surrounding Boise area. She provides a free initial consultation for the first 1/2 hour.