Private Adoptions

If an adoptive parent has already identified a birth mother who wishes to relinquish her child and the birth father is also cooperative, it is possible to adopt privately without the use of an adoption agency.  However, a home study must still be completed prior to placement of a child with a family.  Adopting privately still requires a court proceeding.  Attorney Smith is an adoptive parent herself and has experience in completing adoptions.

Step-Parent Adoptions

In some situations, a step-parent may have a special bond with their step-child and the birth parent is no longer in the picture.  In many situations, the birth parent is willling to relinquish their parental rights, allowing the step-parent to adopt that child. Again, Attorney Smith has experience in completing this type of adoption and has affordable rates!

Re-Adopt After International Adoption

After a child has been adopted internationally, it is a good idea to re-adopt that child in the state courts for the purpose of having an in-state birth certificate available in English for future use. Most all children adopted internationally will be allowed to become immediate U.S. citizens, and re-adopting at the state level is important.  Attorney Smith has experience with this type of adoption and can provide affordable rates!

Free Initial Consultation

 Attorney Leslie Smith conducts adoptions in Eagle, Idaho and the surrounding Boise area by helping with the legal side of the process. She provides a free initial consultation for the first 1/2 hour. 


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